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Offbeat experiences in touristy places or a vista of denizens of the mighty forest? We share your passions equally and therefore urge you to come and be pampered to your heart's content by the wild bounty where any minute it seems a tiger will softly glide by. The Chief Minister and Forest Minister of Uttrakhand, Hon'ble Mr. Trivendra Singh Rawat and Hon'ble Mr. Harak Singh Rawat respectively, flagged off the first ride of Lansdowne Corbett Divers(our gypsy service) on 27th November, 2017 in order to promote eco-tourism in Garhwal.

LCD is deeply connected to the fabric of the wild creatures, where we offer you six totally unexplored, longer and denser tracks of Corbett Tiger Reserve to choose from, Maidavan Gate, Kandanala Gate, Vatanvasa Gate, Mudakhal Gate, Kolhuchor Gate, Pakhro Gate, accompanied with refreshing drinks and binoculars on rent.

Notice your heartbeat as it gives a wild leap while you wait in expectant silence for the slightest hint of a menacing grace ; your eyes peeled towards the trail ; only to encounter predators like tigers and leopards (with their sinuous muscles on glorious display). Spotting Asiatic Elephants, Deer, Birds, Boars, all this and more is yours for the taking in our gypsies with experienced drivers where along with the jungle safaris, we also arrange night stays for our guests at the government guesthouses. Packages including food, accommodation and jungle safaris can be customized accordingly punctuated with unlimited frequent halts to take photographs.

Your holiday haven with a sense of sublime and all the green is just a decision away where you get to uncover birdsong perched on your shoulders and the strange contentment in the uncertainty that the wild holds for you.


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